Centro LA SIESTA in Fortaleza Brasilien Kinder

Environmental and Social Responsibility

We have a vision of a better world for our children, and their children, and their children. Being a family business and industry leader fuels our beliefs and our desire to enact positive change in the world.

We believe we have an ethical and human responsibility to those we collaborate with, as well as being responsible for creating a sustainable relationship with mother nature and our beautiful planet. We therefore pride ourselves in cultivating long-term supplier relationships based on similar values and trust, with people who respect the earth and its natural resources.

FSC®-Certified Wood

All woods used by LA SIESTA are certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council and come from ecologically and socially responsible forestry and processing facilities. 


GOTS - Certified Organic Products

Our organic cotton products from Colombia are made sustainably and are GOTS certified.


SOCiLA – promoting the cultivation of organic cotton in South America

We are committed to spreading the sustainable cultivation of organic cotton through the SOCiLA initiative. SOCiLA is a not-for-profit initiative started by LA SIESTA founder Alexander Grisar.


Centro LA SIESTA - Our Youth Center in Brazil

Our soccer school "Dito Escolinha", on the beach in Fortaleza, provides kids and teenagers in Brazil with an outlet, while teaching them about commitment and teamwork.


Juan Rafael Arango Castaño

Certificates such as the SOCiLA initiative or the Alexander Grisar initiative launched by the Forest Stewardship Council, show our commitment to environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices. And by introducing the GOTS standard, we have been able to further improve conditions for our workers and further ensure LA SIESTA hammocks are made ethically and are environmentally sustainable.


„The GOTS certification of our production facility is a necessary step to protect the environment.“

Cornelius, Leonid & Maximilian Grisar