Colibri 3.0 River - Double Travel Hammock with Suspension

Colibri 3.0 River - Double Travel Hammock with Suspension

Colibri 3.0 River - Double Travel Hammock with Suspension

Your new travel companion: Light as a feather and with everything you need - that's how you can relax and enjoy the most beautiful spots in the world.

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  • Colibri 3.0 River - The new generation

    The new generation

    The Colibri 3.0 is made of a skin-friendly, comfortable fabric, has tree-friendly straps and even more comfort thanks to the new design.

  • Colibri 3.0 River - Easy and flexible suspension

    Easy and flexible suspension

    All Inclusive: With the ultra-light CrocodileHook aluminium hooks and tree-friendly fixing straps, height and length can be easily adjusted

  • Colibri 3.0 River - Tree-friendly strap

    Tree-friendly strap

    Become one with nature: The extra wide strap protects the bark of the trees.

  • Double travel hammock

    Comfortable travel hammock for one to two persons with a cloth width of 190 cm. For a perfect hammock experience, we recommend a diagonal lying position in which your body opens the cloth surface.

  • Light nylon fabric

    The high-quality functional fabric made of Nylon Trilobal is super comfortable, wafer-thin and at the same time durable. Moreover it is breathable and dries quickly.

  • Extra wide tree strap

    The 40 mm wide tree strap is easy to attach, provides optimum support and protects the tree bark.

  • CrocodileHook made of airplane aluminium

    Intuitive and smart - With the CrocodileHooks developed by LA SIESTA and made of ultra-strong airplane aluminium, your travel hammock can be easily hung up and adjusted in height.

  • Integrated bag

    The practical storage bag is not only ideal for transport, but also turns into a convenient storage compartment for a small book, your sunglasses or a snack, always ready to hand.

  • Picnic blanket

    Simply practical: Spread out, the Colibri can be used perfectly as a picnic and beach blanket.

  • Product Details

    • Bed width: 190 cm
    • Bed length: 320 cm
    • Required minimum distance: 310 cm
    • Required minimum height: 155 cm
    • Carrying capacity: 180 kg
    • Tree-protecting Strap: Tree Protection: length: 130 cm, width: 4 cm | Full length: 320 cm
    • Country of origin: India
    • Material description: 100% polyamide | strap and rope: 100% polyester | hook: aluminium
    • Product weight: 0.8 kg
  • Advice & Care

    • Required space

      The distance necessary between the two suspension points can be determined by a simple rule of thumb: The suspension height (y) should be approximately one half of the suspension distance (x). If the distance between the suspension points is greater, the hammock must be mounted somewhat higher.

    • Reclining position

      When you lay in the hammock diagonally, your body expands the surface area so the fabric does not constrict. In the diagonal position, there is optimal support of the back and pressure is removed from the spine. This position also makes rocking more pleasant.

    • Machine-washable

      This hammock can be machine-washed: delicate cycle 30°C!

    • Do not tumble dry!

      In order to preserve your product, line dry. Do not machine dry.

    • Protect from abrasion

      Ensure that your hammock swings freely and does not rub on the ground.

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